Episode-10: “WAStED: Finding the Joy of Satisfaction”


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S  H  O  W    N  O  T  E  S

Have you ever felt like your life is wasting away and it feels as though nothing is going to change? Have you ever felt like you were wasting your time living as a Christian? Have you ever wondered, “Where’s the blessing in my life?” In this episode called “WAStED: Finding the Joy of Satisfaction,” Jamie discusses our struggle with making the best use of our time. We must stop wasting time.

You’ll also learn a two-question strategy for identifying where you might be wasting time and how to move forward down the road to experiencing the joy you were always meant to experience, regardless of your circumstances.


“Time’s U.P.”

  1. Is it unnecessary?
  2. Is it productive?



Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

James 4:14-17