Episode-11: “WAStED: Finding the Joy of Financial Freedom”

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S  H  O  W    N  O  T  E  S

Have you ever felt like your life is wasting away and it feels as though nothing is going to change? Have you ever felt like you were wasting your time living as a Christian? Have you ever wondered, “Where’s the blessing in my life?” In this series called “WAStED: Finding the Joy You Were Always Meant to Have,” Jamie discusses these challenges and provides you with biblical answers to these questions. Learn how to live a life of joy each and every day, regardless of your circumstances, and watch your life in Christ miraculously change from waste to great.

Are you struggling with having peace about your current financial situation? Have you discovered that no matter how much money you make, how much money you spend, and how much stuff you acquire, you’re not going to experience anything more than temporary happiness? In week-3 of “WAStED,” I talk about the financial biblical principle that, if followed, will bring you the lasting peace and joy you’re searching for.

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