Episode-14: “This Side Up: Mad Aint Bad”


S  H  O  W    N  O  T  E  S

“This Side Up: Mad Aint Bad”

Have you ever said something to someone out of anger and later regretted it terribly? Have you ever reacted violently or abusively in your anger? Or perhaps you’re the kind of person who bottles it up. If you, or someone you love, struggles with anger…THEY ARE HUMAN!!! Whatever the case, anger has a way of getting the best of us. In this episode, Pastor Jamie discusses what the Bible says about anger. You may just be surprised to find out that mad aint bad. He’ll also give you a strategy for staying vertical in your faith when you’re angry. You no longer have to react with revenge in mind, but with restoration in mind. It’s only there that you’ll find a peace of mind.



SERIES TITLE: “This Sid Up: Staying Vertical in a Horizontal World”


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