Episode-23: “The Jesus Tattoos”

When you think of tattoos, one of the things that comes to mind is the word, “permanent.” Although tattoos can fade over time, there is something that God gives His servants that never fades and can never be removed. When we begin to grip these permanent, eternal gifts that God has given us, we begin to see life differently, see others differently, and live life beautifully. In the introduction to this five part series, Pastor Jamie discusses the most important Jesus tattoo a person can have. #theJesusTattoos


Episode-22: “The Deep”

Feel stuck in life? Are you in the right place? Are you thinking that life is going to be what it is and there’s nothing you can do about it? This is how it will always be? In “The Deep,” Pastor Jamie encourages those struggling with these questions to keep moving because you may just be one space away from the purpose and place God has always destined you to be.

Episode-21: “The Sinner’s Peace”

We’re all sinners. And for the follower of Jesus it’s easy to place good things at the center of our every day lives. And yet, somehow, although we’ve placed good things at the center of our lives, we end up down the road wondering how we lost intimacy with God. Where did we go wrong? Join me in this episode as we talk about where we can ultimately find peace, comfort, and strength. Having a sinner’s peace has everything to do with your centerpiece.

Episode-20: “Heroin & Hope: The J.R. Story w/Lori Virnig”

Heroin has been identified as “the devil’s drug,” and for good reason. There is perhaps no stronger addiction than what heroin brings. And for the Virnig family, heroin brought a struggle and a loss they never imagined would or could happen to their family. They lost 29-year old son, J.R., to heroin. So where was God in all of this? What are we to make of God when tragedies and distractions that turn our lives upside down hit so suddenly? It was my honor to interview J.R.;s mother, Lori Virnig from WAY-FM radio, and explore the woman whose faith allowed her to overcome the most devastating loss a mother could experience. Join us for this twentieth episode for the encouragement and hope this story has to offer.

J.R. on Stage

J.R. on Stage

Lori & J.R.

Lori & J.R.

J.R. at Church

J.R. at Church


Lori, J.R., and Scott

Lori, J.R., and Scott

Episode-19: “Stay in Your Lane”

funny-crazy-driver-14One of my pet peeves is bad traffic, especially when drivers don’t pay attention. They’re in and out of their lane and sometimes they cause major accidents. Bud nothing good comes from drivers who don’t stay in their own lane. Sometimes we have a tendency to get out of our own lane when it comes to living life. We get into other people’s business or we try to jockey positions that only God should occupy. And that’s where we can get into some trouble because arrogance and the need to control can send us careening out of our lane and into oncoming traffic. In “Stay in Your Lane,” Jamie talks about one thing that is necessary for us to truly experience the blessings of God, humility.





Episode-18: “Where Does A Fulfilling Life Begin?”

Ever wondered why life isn’t more fulfilling? It’s almost as if something was missing. I mean, you’re a Christian (or maybe you aren’t) and there’s just something…there’s just something off. There’s a void. Why are we unsatisfied? Can we ever truly be satisfied in this life? In this episode, Jamie digs into the Word of God to answer these prevalent questions in today’s world.

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Episode-17: “There is More”

S  H  O  W    N  O  T  E  S

There’s more to life than just what you see. If you find yourself overwhelmed and with a constant sense of doom & gloom, perhaps you’ve missed a valuable fact found in Scripture. Without understanding the principle of “There is More,” you cannot exist with the contentment, peace, and hope God wants you to experience.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:1-11

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Episode-16: “The Ultimate Debate”

We’ve all seen the knock-down, drag-out presidential debates on television. They seem to have everyone’s undivided attention, especially in this time of very important decision in our country. There’s a lot at stake. But in this episode I want to take a look at a far more powerful and compelling debate that took place around 2,000 years ago. One king versus one governor. I think this debate will be a refreshing break from the debacle we’ve witnessed over the past few months. 

Episode-15: “American Pickers: Finding the Joy in the Junk “


S  H  O  W    N  O  T  E  S

Do you tend to see things as “half-empty” or “half-full”? Do you find yourself being critical of others and yourself? If so, you may also be experiencing a lack of joy in your life. Do you ever wonder where that comes from? You never wanted to be this way, but somehow you’ve become a more negative person than you’ve ever wanted to be. In this episode called, American Pickers: Finding the Joy in the Junk, Jamie talks about how we can walk into our garage of failures, regrets, and pain and find and pick-out the treasures and valuables we never thought could exist there. If you learn to pick-out the joy in the junk of your past, you’ll be equipped to pick-out the treasures of joy in the present.

*NOTE: Please disregard the audio title introduction to this episode, as it was accidentally misplaced, The correct name of this episode is “Episode-15: American Pickers: Finding the Joy in the Junk.” Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you. ~ Jamie